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Optimized and cost-effective solutions adapted to client needs for efficiency improvement, emissions reduction and/or the resolution of operational problems of the combustion unit.

Possible scopes (in combination or not with FLEXICOM-LNB and ABACO technologies):

  • Burner system retrofit or substitution
  • OFA: Design and installation of optimized OverFire Air systems for the minimization of NOx emissions and efficiency losses
  • Retrofit of windbox and air distribution registers for the optimization of combustion air distribution
  • Novel solutions for burners soundproofing
  • Advanced reburning technologies for NOx control, in combination or not with aforementioned technologies
  • FGR: Optimized Flue Gas Recirculation systems for NOx emissions reduction
  • Retrofit of coal milling and classification system for particle size distribution improvement and carbon-in-ash control

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