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Technology for low NOx operation and improved boiler performance by enhancing the flexibility  of pulverized coal supply to burners.

FLEXICOM-LNB technology makes possible, through the retrofit of typical pulverized fuel conveying system, the adoption of continuous and steady combustion process operation within a defined optimal area. Then, the application of FLEXICOM-LNB avoids the increase of NOx promoted by the unavailability of mills.

Additionally, this technology maximizes both OFA and fuel staging efficiency, enabling the simultaneous control over collateral problems such as: LOI, radiant SH surface temperature, SH steam temperature, flue gas temperature, etc.


  • NOx reductions in the range of 30% – 60%
  • Improvements in unit heat rate or unburnt carbon-in-ash
  • Capability to efficiently use lower quality or lower priced fuels
  • For new facilities, typical savings in SCR capital costs in the range of 6% – 8% (catalyst volume, reagent storage and plant size)
  • For existing facilities, typical savings in SCR operation costs higher than 30% (catalyst replacement and ammonia reagent consumption)
  • Typical ROI periods as low as 1 – 2 years

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