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Development of Advanced Distributed Control Architectures or Systems adapted to client needs, allowing the user to integrate in the same application hardware and software components from different suppliers with the following main advantages:

  • Reliability and high speed of response
  • Flexibility and Modularity
  • Scalability and high information management capacity

Possible Scopes:

  • Hardware, based on intelligent instrumentation (PAC, PLC, DCS) from main market brands (Siemens, ABB, Honeywell, Emerson, Rockwell, Phoenix Contac, etc.)
  • Software, based on SCADA, MES solutions and/or own developments, including Client-Server architecture trough OPC and Web environment. Regardless of the supplier, this approach enables the design, modification and extension of system monitoring, control and management

In addition, Artificial Intelligence control software is developed in the following fields and purposes: 

  • Neural Networks: process modeling and systems of signal quality assurance
  • Genetic algorithms: optimization problems
  • Fuzzy logic: control optimization
  • Expert Systems: advanced multivariable control routines

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